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Parent Involvement Coordinator

Reginald Phillips

Parent Liaison for Eighth Street Middle School


Primary Purpose: Serve as a link between parents, teachers and administration by:


  • Conducting parental workshops that will enhance the relationship between the parent and the school
  • Assisting the school in creating opportunities for the parent to participate in the educational development of their child
  • Working with the school on strengthening parent-school relationships
  • Serving as a link between parent and school when behavioral issues surface
  • Conducting home visits to establish contact between teacher, parent and school
  • Being present for parent teacher conferences at the request of parent, teacher and/or administration
  • Providing written information for parents that can be utilized to help their child at home
  • Assisting with the development of the school’s Parent Involvement Policy and School Parent Compact
  • Working with the faculty/administration to develop workshops and strategies to address concerns of parents as a result of the Parent Involvement Data Analysis.
  • Implementing 360 Family Engagement Plan designed to help the administration, teachers and parents meet the needs of the child.


I am just one of the bridges between the home and school willing to serve you in a way that will improve the achievement of the student.. My email contact or You may also contact me at 229.387.2445 or 229.387.2450.


Eighth Street Middle School is fortunate to have Reginald Phillips, as our Parent Liaison.  He plays a major part in providing a support system for parents that bridges the gap between the home and the school environment.