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Response to Intervention (RTI)

RTI model is a systemic process to bridge behavioral and academic gaps. Ultimately, the success of any RTI program relies on the foundation of Tiers 1 and 2. Success is attainable when schools analyze their data to identify school-wide, classroom, and individual student needs and by their use of research-based strategies and interventions. Mrs. Crumley will lead our RTI meetings at ESMS.  Teachers will use the Google Forms to track the progress of our students in Tier 2 and Tier 3.  Meetings will be held in Room 110.  
Disciplinary Policy
It is of the utmost importance that students and teachers be provided a safe and comfortable learning
environment. Teachers should have the opportunity to teach, and students the opportunity to learn in an orderly,
non-threatening environment.
Our goal is to achieve a school climate where teaching and learning occur with an absolute minimum of
distractions. There must be a mutual respect among students and staff. It is important that students are polite
and considerate of others.
A WELL-DISCIPLINED school promotes the idea of each student working toward self-management and
controlling his or her own actions. However, the school recognizes that sometimes adult intervention is both
desirable and necessary.
When interventions are necessary, school personnel will follow the discipline policy as outlined in the Tift
County School System Code of Student Conduct. All students will be given a copy of the Code of Student
Conduct upon entering school and will be expected to adhere to this policy. Students and parents should read
thoroughly and become familiar with this policy. When students, parents, and school personnel know and
understand the level of student conduct expected, then together, we can work towards creating a positive
learning environment for all.
Some disciplinary actions that could be used, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, include conferences, counselor referral,
administrative timeout, lunch detention, after-school detention, removal of privileges, corporal punishment,
school chores, In-school suspension, home suspension, recommendation for Sixth Street Academy, expulsion,
or juvenile referral.
Small Discipline: 
Step 1: Reteach/Conference 
Step 2: Reteach/Conference 
Step 3: Parent Contact 
Step 4: Lunch Detention 
Step 5: 2 Days Lunch Detention 
Step 6: Office Referral