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Students come to Eighth Street Middle School every day in one of three ways. The majority of our students come on one of our 20 or so school buses, the rest of the students are car riders with a few students walking to school.

The buses begin arriving at Eighth Street no earlier than 7:15, and the last bus arrives just before the first bell rings at 8:05. All buses enter the school’s main entrance off Eighth St. and drop off students under the bus pavilion along our one-way, buses-only front drive. The bus riders wait for the first bell in front of the school on the asphalt area just east of the school outside the cafeteria in the blacktop area. On rainy or cold days, the students are dropped off in front of the gym and wait for the first bell while seated in the gym bleachers. Students are allowed to leave gym to go to cafeteria for breakfast, but are not allowed to go back to the gym.

A large portion of our student body comes to school in a car and is dropped off behind the school on Sixth St. Sixth St. is a one way street moving east to west during school hours. A wide sidewalk hundreds of feet long allows students to be dropped off safely without crossing traffic. When dropping off students, please take advantage of this long sidewalk to let students out quickly to keep traffic moving.

A small portion of students, those living within one mile of the school, walk to school. Depending upon from what direction the students come, the walkers wait behind or in front of the school.

After school, the patterns are reversed with one exception. At 3:15 the walkers and car riders leave from the back of the school, and the bus riders leave from the front of the school, but there are two bus bells to reduce traffic on the bus pavilion. The remainder of the bus students leaves on the 3:25 bell and go to a handful of designated areas to wait for their bus. The last buses usually leave campus by 3:50.

Seven of our buses are called shuttle buses because they leave our campus and meet other county buses at one of the following locations: Annie Belle Clark Primary, G.O. Bailey Primary, Len Lastinger Primary, Matt Wilson Elementary, or Omega Elementary. At those locations, some students change buses according to their need.