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In girls’ physical education, a great deal of emphasis is placed on conditioning.  It is very important for young ladies at this age to start thinking about and working on toning and strengthening their bodies.  Conditioning is done in several different ways.  Some days we work out in the weight room – not lifting heavy – light weights and many reps.  Other times we work on the stability balls, do Hip Hop Abs, Tae-Bo, and other forms of aerobics.  Their main pretest in physical education is a mile run.  We work on trying to run a mile at the end of the grading period in 10 minutes or less.  As we condition, we talk about getting our hearts in the target heart zone and also about which major muscle group we are working.  Everyday, the girls have an opportunity to get on the treadmills or the elliptical machines.  At the beginning of the nine weeks, each girl is weighed so that she can see if there is a change in her weight at the end of the nine weeks.


Monday through Friday all boys lift weights, the first half of the period. The second half they play team sports example, football, basketball and soccer.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we lift upper body and on Tuesday and Thursday lower body in weights program.

Mileage Club

The Concept

Mileage Club is a fitness incentive program designed to motivate students to increase or maintain their level of physical activity. The Mileage Club helps students control their body weight, burn off excess energy, improve school performance and build self-esteem.


The overall goals are to develop fitness while building muscles, burning calories, reducing stress and creating lifelong habits. Students will discover that physical activity can be fun and rewarding as they earn their toe tokens. Students at Eighth Street Middle School are rewarded with toe tokens on their first mile completed and then every other mile thereafter. Students must run their lap(s) within the following time frame to receive credit towards their earning of tokens:

  • 1 lap (1/4 mile)             <2:30
  • 2 laps (1/2 mile)           <5:00
  • 4 laps (1 mile)               8:00-11:00

Students may choose to run 1 lap within the allotted time on 4 separate activity days or run 4 laps all at once on one activity day. Either way they will earn their toe token.