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Student Tutorials

How to Powerwash Your Chromebook This fixes most minor technical issues with Chromebooks. 
How to Clear Browsing Data Use this when a login is not working correctly for an app like Destiny, Google Apps, or Galipade, or if you Chromebook is freezing. 



Media Center


          The media center at Eighth Street Middle School is proud to offer high quality services for the students, faculty and staff, and community at large.  We strive to provide the most popular and literally sound materials that are educational and enjoyable for all of our patrons.  Some of the materials that are available are:

  •     Fiction and non-fiction books
  •     Ebooks
  •     Audio books
  •     Videos and DVD’s
  •     Comfortable study and reading space
  •     Internet Café


We would like to encourage your participation and will gratefully accept your time and efforts in supporting our media center as we work to LIVE, LOVE, and SERVE our students.

                              Coach Head                      Jenn Cargle               Ann Marie Day