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Computer Lab Guidelines

Computer Lab Guidelines

NOTE:  These guidelines are a “work in progress” which will be evaluated by the Technology Committee.  Our goal is for everyone to have an equal opportunity to use the lab.  Consideration of fellow teachers and communication within teams are vital in scheduling.


Appropriate use of the lab includes various types of whole group instruction (i.e. web quests, presentation of new software, virtual tours), research, and production.


  1. Check the lab schedule on the media center website.
  2. Limit to three days per team in a calendar month (Connections count as a team.)
  3. Email media specialist to schedule lab.
  4. Check out the lab room key from the media center.
  5. Notify media specialist as soon as you realize you are not going to use the lab at your scheduled time in order to free up the lab for another class.
  6. Inform media center ASAP if any computers in the lab are malfunctioning.
  7. At the end of each class have students go to the “Shut Down” menu and click “Re-start.”  At the end of the day have students click “Shut Down.”
  8.  Leave all the extra sheets of paper with student logins on them in a stack for recycling.
  9.  Lock lab and return the key.  

Alternatives to Having Your Whole Class in the Lab

  • Allow students with home computers to create, type, or produce assignments at home.
  • Rotate your students on your classroom computers.
  • Send students to your team’s classrooms or neighboring classrooms, where the teacher is not using computers that day.
  • Check with Mrs. Dykes or Ms. Byers about the possibly of using the keyboarding labs during their planning periods.
  • Research on computers can be conducted in the media center either with the whole class or in groups of five students or less.
  • Vary assignments by offering options so that all students would not be required to complete a technology project at the same time.
  • Have students work in cooperative groups, completing a group project, rather than individual projects.