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List of Active Clubs

It is evident that those Eighth Street Middle School students who are involved in extracurricular activities receive benefits far above efforts expended.  The staff strongly recommends that all students become involved in the clubs and organizations that interest them.  The following is a list of clubs and organizations that are offered at Eighth Street Middle School:


Members of the ESMS band gain experience in both a marching and a concert band.  Marching band activities include performances at football games and in parades as well as participation in band festivals. The concert band also participates in competitions at festivals and presents concerts for the public during the holiday season with a final concert in the spring.

Beta Club

The Beta Club is an organization designed to create enthusiasm for scholarship. Students must maintain a 90-grade point average to be eligible for membership. In addition to school and community projects, the club participates in statewide competition and has had numerous state officers.


Cheerleaders work to promote school spirit as they cheer at both football and basketball games.  The squad is selected in the spring and members attend a summer camp to prepare for the coming year.


The choral department sponsors a number of different singing groups for students of varied ability and experience levels. The chorus performs at school and community functions. The department also participates in All-State Chorus and other competitive events.  The choral department traditionally renders a public performance during the Christmas season and another in the spring just before the close of school.


Administered through the Tift County Extension Service, 4-H is a nationally affiliated club which provides opportunities for students to explore their interests in numerous areas including livestock, clothing, public speaking, forestry, auto mechanics, horticulture, and much more. Club members attend training seminars and participate in competitions on the local, district, state and national levels.


A nationally affiliated organization made up of students studying vocational agriculture, FFA encourages interest in agriculture, agribusiness, horticulture, and other agriculturally related activities. Participating in the American Hog Show, livestock judging, land judging, and other contests, Tift County students have been recognized nationally for their achievements.


A nationally affiliated organization, FCCLA is made up of students studying careers in food preparation, clothing, childcare, and home care.  Students gain extensive "hands-on" experience through work in the school's well-equipped vocational laboratories.  The club offers opportunities for students to compete and hold office.


Tomorrow’s Aspiring Leader KIDS is a group of predominately eighth-grade students with extensive leadership abilities and exceeding grade point averages.  These students participate in the community as well as school affiliated functions.  They are given the opportunity to visit central areas in the city and partake in “real-life” experiences with prominent community figures.  A graduation ceremony and banquet are held in honor of the TALK students at the end of the year.

Student Council

Student Council members are elected by the students to represent the student body. The council seeks to maintain a healthy rapport between the students and the administration by providing an avenue for students to be directly involved in many administrative decisions.  Council members meet frequently with members of the administration to discuss issues that concern the student body.  Council members sponsor various activities and other enhancement projects for the school.

Theta Chi-Coed Y Club

The purpose of the Y-club is to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the home, school, and community. Eighth Street Middle School students are actively involved in Y-club activities that develop leadership abilities through school and community projects.

News Crew

The ESMS News Broadcast Team provides daily morning announcements and news of interest to the student body.  The show is produced and aired live each day from the studio located in the media center.  Students have an assigned day to work the show and rotate between jobs.  Students, recommended from feeder schools, apply for positions on the news team at the beginning of the school year.  A balance of seventh and eighth graders makes up the daily crews.  Three veteran eighth graders oversee the operation of the studio and the control room. The media specialist and school's D.A.R.E. officer advise the ESMS news team.


The Yearbook Staff is responsible for compiling the annual yearbook.  Throughout the year students attend various functions and festivities capturing candid shots to be placed in the yearbook.  These students are given the task of making sure every student and faculty member’s photo is in the yearbook.  The Yearbook Staff comprises both seventh and eighth-grade students, and at least two teachers oversee and advise the club.