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Learning All About Pumpkins

8th grade students in Beth Golden's Agriculture classes recently completed a unit on pumpkins.  Students learned how and where pumpkins grow, labeled the anatomy of the pumpkin and pumpkin plant, and discovered all of the different varieties and uses for pumpkins.  Students also completed a pumpkin lab where they used pumpkins donated by Docia Farms to learn about different characteristics of pumpkins.  Students determined the weight of the pumpkins, measured the height and circumference, counted the ribs and number of seeds in each pumpkin and even determined if their pumpkin would sink or float.  Finally, the students made their own seed packets, complete with planting instructions, and collected seeds from their pumpkins to take home, store and have ready to plant in the Spring. Thank you Docia Farms for supporting our local agriculture education program and helping our students learn more about agriculture!